First Post

Here I sit, after being up several hours already because of a stupid head cold, trying to figure this out. I’ve added a whole bunch of things I’ll probably take out later because of over-crowding. My eyes are invariably bigger than my stomach.
It’s a cold Sunday morning in February in the middle of an Arctic blast. Global warming? Not really. I still remember in the 1970’s as a kid when all the screams were about the coming nuclear winter from all the nuclear power plants melting down. Anyone remember the Cher classic Silkwood?
This is guaranteed to be a free-thought zone. This is a place for my thoughts and opinions, not anyone else’s. I am a politically conservative, fundamental Christian, middle-aged woman. If you don’t like it, get off my lawn.
I read a lot. I watch a lot of TV. I have few friends near me and I don’t have a car.I don’t get out much. Hence, the majority of my life is online.
I am recovering from a three-year sentence of some kind of chemical lobotomy. After one surgery to remove a tumor in my brain that was growing on my pituitary, another four months later to remove a tumor that was growing on my parathyroid and then a prescription for a drug that seriously diminished my mental capacity, I became a walking zombie. After a lifetime of voraciously devouring book after book, a vocabulary that sparkled; the words all went away and I was so deep, I couldn’t even miss them. Then, last August, I was in a car accident and I don’t know what broke loose or snapped back into place, but the words started coming back. Slowly, but they are coming. I am struggling and trying to rush the process at times, frustrating myself, of course. My memory is still so swiss-cheesed I can’t remember half of my life, it seems sometimes. My sense of past and present is so stretched I don’t know if things happened two weeks ago or two months ago.
Other things are happening as well, I have re-connected with an old friend who is working on her Master’s degree in Business Technology and we are spending hours on the phone. My brother is back in the States after nearly eight years teaching in China, hoping to bring his wife and child over by late summer. And my 87-year-old grandmother is dying. She has been frail the past few years, but now has shingles and is failing swiftly. Hopefully, my brother will get to see her before she goes to her reward. Of course, the woman is as stubborn as two mules, so she may linger for a while yet.

And with that I think I will close off this first attempt and see where we will go from here. Have a Blessed Day.


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