Of All the Souls I’ve Encountered in the Universe, His was the Most…..Human.

Leonard Simon Nimoy, born in Boston on March 26 1931 to an Orthodox Jewish family.He was an actor on stage and screen, both large and small, a director, producer, singer, poet, photographer, father and husband.

Spock was also my first Hollywood crush. I remember coming in the room and wanting to watch a show as a kid. My dad wouldn’t let me change the channel. Instead he said,”Sit down. Be Quiet and watch. You will like this show.” A Trekkie was born.

He was also an Inspiration to millions of people around the world to seek out new life and new civilizations. As Spock, Nimoy brought the alien into our living rooms. As the son of a Vulcan man and an Earth woman, Spock gave inspiration to thousands of bi-racial children seeking their own level between cultures that pulled them in half.
As part of the crew of the Enterprise, Spock inspired generations of astronauts, scientists, astronomers and writers to boldly go where no man had gone before

.Bill sits alonea

Leonard Simon Nimoy died Stardate 68623.2


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