On Funerals and Thin Mints

I will admit it. I was pissed. Don’t look at me like that. It is a perfectly good Old English word and it carries exactly the connotation of the emotion I am trying to express. When the mother informed me that she didn’t want me to come down for the graveside service, because “we’re not having a funeral” and the “house will be full” and “the kids will be here” and “Brother 2 will only be here for a day and they have tickets for a game that day anyway” and “since it’s Spring Break the Boys already had plans, so we’re only going to have a graveside service for the grandmother with the father saying a few words” and “they made these plans weeks ago” “we’re not really going to be having any kind of mourning” “we’ll have plenty of time to get together as a family, maybe next Christmas” “they didn’t expect grandmother to die when they made plans” (Anyone else catch the irony there?) “the niece and nephews want to enjoy Spring break because they are off of school and they’re just kids” (They are old enough to dress themselves, feed themselves and carry on conversations. They are old enough to learn that Sometimes Life Doesn’t Let You Play Every Time You Want To.) God Forbid we meet as a family, however inconveniently, to reminisce, remember and pay tribute to a woman whose contribution to the world was even recorded in print. The Grandmother even had an entire chapter of her own in a book. By all means, since the Brothers and Brother 1’s family were already going to be there for Spring Break, let’s save the interring of the ashes until they can squeeze it into their busy schedule. I’ll wait for the ticket prices to go down when “we can have time alone” just me  and the father and the mother. Arrrggghh!! Sigh.

On the other hand, Girl Scout Cookies are in. I received delivery of my six boxes of Thin Mints this morning. Five in the freezer and one for the day. Yum!

Thin mints crack


One thought on “On Funerals and Thin Mints

  1. How inconsiderate of grandma!

    We’re gathering this very Saturday at a fairly “inconvenient” location for the funeral of my kids’ last grandparent (my mother-in-law). All of the family has amended their plans to be present as we say goodbye to grandma. Yes, we’ll see each other at Christmas too… but honoring a departed loved one is something altogether different.

    I don’t blame you for your sentiments. (About the funeral… or the thin mints!)


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