It Makes You Uncomfortable?

All right. Listen up, you hot-house, privileged, snot-nosed, lily-livered, precious, little snowflakes at UC Irvine. If flying the American flag at an American University on an American campus in an American city on American soil offends your delicate sensibilities, you really need to re-think where you are attending school. Or if you are actually prepared for the *real* world. I’m sure we can find places where they don’t hang the American flag in the lobby. For example, Mexico or Cuba or Russia or even Communist China. Renounce your federally funded American education and go there.

Isn’t the point of going to college to expand one’s horizons? To expose oneself to uncomfortable situations and people? To learn who one is in extremis by testing oneself and one’s convictions against the onslaught of opposing worldviews and opinions? Am I missing something here? The purpose of college is to take the first steps of adulthood, establishing oneself as separate from one’s parents and as an independent entity, with views, tastes and talents of one’s own.

And what’s with UCLA? A young woman applied for a position on a student judicial panel. She was asked, (and there is video proof) if she thought that, given that she was Jewish and active in Jewish Community activities, if she could really be impartial. Replace the word “Jewish” with “Homosexual” or “Black” or any other minority and see how it sounds. Four members of the panel actually voted against her before a faculty advisor reminded them that being Jewish wasn’t against any rules. Then, and only then, did they mumble a “sorry-not-sorry” and reverse their decision.

What is it with our college campuses today? What kind of weak-minded fools are we churning out? I realize the ultra socialist left has become entrenched in academia thanks to the wonders of tenure but isn’t anyone, anywhere making headway? Has “Question Authority” lost all meaning or is it only “Question the Authority your Professors tell you to question”?

I hear from many the lack of critical thinking skills. I see the dearth of correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure on-line and in fan-fiction. I am beta-reading a story for a friend. He is obviously a first-time writer with a severe case of adjectivitis and redundancy. The characters’ vocal patterns are inconsistent and changing constantly. He has grizzled cops saying please and thank you to each other on a casual basis. He hopes to make a trilogy of it. <Deep Breath>



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