What White Privilege?- By Rhiain

Voices from the Peanut Gallery. People of color are no more a solid block than are people of.. I guess we would be “un-color”, kind of like 7 UP is the Un-Cola.

According To Hoyt

*I don’t know Rhiain personally except she’s one of my fans.  But reading this I realized we were sisters under the skin.  Now, because I have spent the last five years, give or take, mainly indoors — I’m looking forward to better health allowing me to hike more again — I have only a vague soupcon of gold, (Spun Gold, according to paint chips) but my kids are… much darker and also blessed with more ethnic features.  Being treated as victims embarrasses them, even if they grew up — writer’s sons — at the edge of falling off the middle class any minute.  Because we get in trouble and we cope — though once at least I had to ask you guys for help, but that was different.  I do provide this blog almost every day for free — we don’t ask the charity of strangers?  And what is all…

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