I took the same quiz and came out 65% male and 35% female. I call it just being sensible. Duh, is right.

Just Writing!

Since I’m already probably in trouble for my op-ed post, I’m going to put up another one.

You know those silly quizzes on Facebook?  Usually, they’re just fun and don’t mean a thing, and I take one and immediately forget about it, moving right along with life.

Today, however, I took a quiz that told me I have a 63% male brain, and a 37% female brain.

I cannot tell you how annoying that is.  The quiz is based solely on the premise that all men think logically all the time, and all women think emotionally all the time.  No one thinks just one way all the time.  I do not find it a compliment when some man, in wide-eyed amazement, tells me that I think like a man.  I just think he must be stupid.

I just THINK!  Women do, you know. Unless you are some kind of genetic…

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