A Monday That got Lost #1

Good morning, bi-polar, my old friend. Why, no. Four hours of sleep is more than enough. Of course, I know in two or three hours I will be crashing again, have to go back to bed or fall asleep in my chair, wake up and be cranky and out of sorts for the rest of this now disjointed day.

Are you sure “Talledega” and “Indianapolis” are the only two settings for my thoughts right now? Isn’t there a player option for “Gamboling Bunnies in a Meadow”? Maybe there’s a hacker cheat code for that somewhere.

Pandora claims to have a station for every music need. Do they have a cappella hymns? Let me search. Blessed Stars! They have a station called Traditional Country Hymns! O Frabjous Day! Calloo, Callay!

All right, saving draft. Checking other blogs. Did my new ebook download as promised? Yes. Heartache by Annie Bellet. It is book five in her Twenty-Sided Sorceress series. It gives me something to read while waiting at the doctor’s office later.

Having to rely on that oh-so-marvelous service called TMS to get back and forth to appointments on days that my aide doesn’t come, which is any day but Wednesday, is such a production. I have to call at least three business days in advance, (which considering this particular appointment was rescheduled twice was fun), recite my Medicaid number, verify my name address, phone number, the address of where I am going and the exact reason of my visit. Not just the Hospital name or the doctor’s office. The exact street address. I have had to stop and call back because I had to go look it up or call the doctor to find it out. Can I walk to the vehicle unassisted? Yes. Then, TMS says be ready 90 minutes ahead of time. The cab company they are contracted with says 60-45 minutes. Usually, the cab calls when they arrive. (I make sure to request it anyway, because one time I did not. The driver didn’t call in, I wasn’t standing outside waiting, he wrote me off as a no-show and I missed my appointment.) Then, after the appointment, since I can’t give an exact time of when I’ll be done, I have to call for a pick-up. For which I wait anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour and a half depending on the time of day, what other fares they have to pick up (the paying kind) and who wants to drive twenty miles one way to the suburbs to get me home.

There is really only one cab company in town and they have the contract sewn up. There is a smaller company, but it doesn’t have as many medallions, so they don’t have the resources to offer services consistently, I guess.

And now, the stars of the household. You’d never guess they were littermates.





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