There Hugo Again

I am so disappointed that Annie Bellet made the choice to try to withdraw from the nominations. She is an excellent author and I enjoy reading her. I know her politics don’t match mine. I don’t care. her talent deserves recognition.
This kind of bullying and condemnation by association is ridiculous and something that real Christians as well have faced for millennia. That it is coming from the supposedly tolerant and inclusive side is all the more ironic.

Mad Genius Club

This was going to be more about the craft of writing than about the politics of writing, but then I heard that two of this year’s Hugo nominees have withdrawn. Neither explicitly cited bullying, but when you read between the lines (words like “controversy” in light of the shitstorm and lies are rather telling), it’s not hard to figure out what happened.

To be absolutely clear, I do not blame those who have withdrawn for their decision. How could I? I’ve been the target of the same kind of small-minded, petty viciousness we’ve seen from Making Light and various others in the last two weeks. I’ve seen the barely-veiled threats and “you’ll never work in this town again” remarks. I know how demoralizing they can be, especially when they come from people you respect and who you thought were friends.

It’s hell.

Not everyone can withstand that kind of assault…

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