Defrosting babies

I heard a story on The Five this week about actress Sophia Vergara (my family and friends I won’t name explicitly, public figures are fair game) and her ex-boyfriend being involved in a custody battle over some embryos the two of them had created while they were together and frozen until such time it was convenient to bring them out of cold storage. The problem is, they never got married (how passe), made no contract and are no longer together. Ms. Vergara wants to “dispose” of the embryos because she is no longer with the ex (I don’t remember his name) and apparently wants no reminder of their time together. What the ex plans on doing with them, I have no idea. Whether he wants to engage a surrogate, whether his current girlfriend is okay with carrying another woman’s child in her womb and not one of her own…no clue. Dana Perino brought up something I had never heard before, “snowflake children”. Leftover embryos from in vitro fertilization being adopted by childless couples and raised as their own. A wonderful solution to a touchy situation.

That said, back to my rant. What kind of society are we living in where creating a life becomes an accessory to a relationship that can be discarded because things didn’t work out? I’m happy for those couples who have been able to adopt, but as of last count, they number less than 150. Out of how many created lives? The clinics don’t tell you that they create as many embryos as possible, and, since they aren’t implanted, there is a grey market for them to be used for stem cell research. In fact, there are many lobbying for just that. I mean, after all, if the couple isn’t going to use them, those little disposable blobs of cells might as well serve some purpose, right?

The breakdown of the family; disposable children; euthanasia; abortion on demand; thrill killings; all point to the denial of God’s image in Man. Why follow God’s rules for the family if we are little more than beasts rutting in the fields? Eco-warriors view man as an infestation on the planet, idealizing the noble beasts while vilifying a hunter who takes down a weakened member of the herd to provide food for a village for a month rather than let it die on the plains and rot in the sun. Why is it better for a lion or tiger to do it than for a human being?

God created Man as separate from the animals, breathed a living soul  into him and declared Man as steward, dresser, and keeper of the world. The oldest profession is farming. He declared the family unit, father, mother, children to be the building block of society. God decreed that fathers teach their children His word. Our history, our culture, our faith, our hope is passed from generation to generation in the stories we tell our children. What does it say about us that we teach our children that killing an aged giraffe in Africa to feed a village is murder, but putting Grandma out of her misery because she lacked quality of life is mercy? That terminating an unborn baby is just a fetus, a blob of cells, but a woman who drinks during pregnancy can be prosecuted for child neglect? Allowing our allies in foreign lands to stone homosexuals is their “religious heritage”, but a business owner refusing to bake a wedding cake because  it violates her religious principles “must be forced” to not discriminate?

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. – Genesis 6:5


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