Where do we find the secret to success?

I would print this out for required middle school reading nation-wide if I could. Can’t catch them too young.

Otherwhere Gazette

I heard a segment on the radio this morning asking for help with a mentoring program for young people about to age out of Foster Care. There was much said about why these people need guidance and what can be done to help. The last part of it I heard was a question: “What one piece of advice would you give a young person to boil down your experience with life” I didn’t hear the answer but thought about it. My advice would be “Be a man (woman)” Unfortunately that sentence is worthless without a lot of background these youth don’t have. So I though about a small expansion. Then I thought some more. My advice boiled down to the four things needed for success: Brains, Beauty, Talent/skill, and Hard work. These things apply to all of us at any stage of life and I’ll give you my thoughts here…

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