Story Time #2

I gave you Aristophanes. Today is Aeschylus.

David watched his wife as she sat on the edge of the bed. The news holding her shocked and silent. He needed to hold her, this woman he had committed to working lifelong at love with but was afraid she wouldn’t allow it yet. The soul-deep knife thrust must begin assimilation from psychic shock to possibility before we can acknowledge the presence of others. Slowly, she raised her eyes to his. The anguish raw in  their depths echoed the howl in his heart and threatened the dams in his eyes.  He knelt to her side, placing his arms around her waist,  burrowing his head against her belly, as he had when she was pregnant. This wonderful, God-chosen woman that he had waited for, as she had waited for him.  They were still learning to trust each other in all things, applying the one flesh concept to as many aspects of their lives as possible. This though. This could break them like it had so many others. Beth’s gentle hand stroked his hair. A whisper squeezed around the imprisoned scream, “This must be one of those times when the R826 bomb goes off. We need to..”

David raised his head and closed her off with a tender kiss. “We need to hold each other and remember this moment because the pain will never be this sharp again. It will ache, but not as sharp. Throw the R826 bomb, and let’s put in a hotline call to the Paraclete.”


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