NetGalley Challenge 2015

Challenge Participant

I’ve decided, since I’ve been accepted to read and review books from the NetGalley site, to join the NetGalley 2015 Challenge.

I’ve already posted one review and will post others as they become available. I selected a couple of graphic novels to do, but can’t figure out how to get them to my Kindle to read. When I right click on them, the “Send to Kindle” option doesn’t appear.

The folks are on their Alaskan cruise, a belated 50th wedding anniversary trip with my Father’s brother and his wife.

I now have a smartphone! Mom and Dad had gotten iPhone 5s about 2 and a half years ago, but the ones they got turned out to be from a bad batch and had mechanical/battery issues. Mom got a free replacement this spring. When I asked if they would allow me to buy a smartphone of my own from Wal-mart or somewhere like that to add to the plan instead of the old (about 7-8 years, it was Mom’s before it was mine) flip phone I had. When they arrived on Thursday for our day together, Mom informed me that she and dad had decided to upgrade to iPhone 6s and give me her old (read “brand new replacement”) iPhone 5. Thrilled!

We also went to the jeweler’s to have Grandma’s ring re-sized and repaired for me to wear, as well as a ring I’ve had for about 32 years re-sized. I used to be able to wear it on my ring finger with very little problem, but the past few years I’ve had to wear it on my middle finger.

We went to a local place for lunch called Fong’s. They serve Chinese food pizzas with a choice of white or whole wheat crusts. I was looking at the Thai Chicken, but Mom wanted the Fongolian Beef, so that was what we got. It was *fantastic*. Seasoned beef, roasted red and green peppers, spring onions. We ordered a large, so each of us had two pieces and I had two pieces left to take home for supper. It microwaved well.

I scored on the cool scale with Niece #1 the previous Sunday when we all went out as a family. I showed her a dagger I had and then pulled my katana out of the closet. I think she is more like me than her parents are quite comfortable with. (evil grin) I would love to connect more with her.

Anyway, more book reviews to come, as well as Life, the Universe and Everything.


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