The 2015 Hugo Winners?

The 2015 Hugo Awards have been announced. Sad Puppies 3 is over. I’m sure the Puppy Kickers are going to proclaim a victory, but it is a Pyrrhic one at best. They do not know what they have done. Already El DeGuello and The March of Cambreth are being practiced as battle hymns. Sad Puppies IV: The Embitchening has begun.

Here is a list of the Hugo “Winners”

Best Novel: The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu (a worthy win, and my number one choice).
Best Novella: NO AWARD
Best Novelette: “The Day the World Turned Upside Down” by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, translated by Lia Belt
Best Short Story: NO AWARD
Best Related Work: NO AWARD
Best Graphic Story: Ms. Marvel #1 (The obvious PC/SJW choice. A teenage, Muslim girl becomes a new kind of super-hero. Checks all the right boxes, except she appears to be straight, at least in the first collection of books.)
Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: (Why can’t they just say movie?) Guardians of the Galaxy (one of my top three, I’m happy.)
Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: (TV show, sheesh) Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Been Tried” (I’m not a fan of the show, but any actress who can play 9 clones with different personalities believably deserves some recognition of some kind. I voted for Doctor Who:
Best Editor, Short Form: NO AWARD (“Vooxx Daaayyy!!!”, the Puppy Kickers cry.)
Best Editor, Long Form: NO AWARD (Toni Weisskopf was robbed, but more on that below.)
Best Professional Artist: Julie Dillion
Best Semiprozine: (What does that even mean, really? Is it like semi-pro football?) Lightspeed Magazine
Best Fanzine: Journey Planet
Best Fancast: Galactic Suburbia Podcast
Best Fan Writer: Laura J. Mixon (Not my top vote, but her piece was good in unmasking a vile hatemonger/provocateur who uses/used multiple online personalities.)
Best Fan Artist: Elizabeth Legget
The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (Not a Hugo): Wesley Chu (I was unimpressed with his work, but his acceptance speech where he “announced” his candidacy as a Republican nominee for President was chuckle-worthy.)

OK, now more about Toni’s loss as Best Editor. I copied these numbers from Brad Torgerson.

Toni Weisskopf got 1216 first-line #1 votes. Arguably the most of any editor in the history of the Hugo awards.
Sheila Gilbert got 754 first-line #1 votes. Again, second only to Toni, arguably the most of any editor in the history of the Hugo awards.
By contrast, Patrick-Nielsen Hayden won a Best Editor Hugo in 2010, with just 140 first-line #1 votes.
2011 saw Lou Anders take a trophy with 207 first-line #1 votes.
2012 got Betsy Wolheim a trophy, with 333 first-line #1 votes.
2013 gave yet another trophy to Patrick Nielsen-Hayden with 209 first-line #1 votes.
2014 was Ginjer Buchanan getting a “going away present” retirement trophy with 359 first-line #1 votes.
Now, because of the way the Australian ballot works, the person with the most first-line #1 votes is not always the winner. But that’s usually the way to bet. Whoever gets the most first-line #1 votes is almost always the winner.
Except for this year.

Here’s how the balloting for the Awards breaks down. It is so obvious that so many are drinking the Kool-Aid and voting the CHORF party line. The SJWs apparently had a bloc of about 3,000 voters. According to reliable sources, 3,000 new members were added the last week of July. Coincidence?
And in what possible brain above that of an amoeba does a horrible, craptastic piece-of-dreck-such-that-I-have-never-before-forced-my-way-through like Ancillary Sword score third above No Award in fourth to put Jim Butcher’s genius Skin Game in fifth?

So, with all of that percolating through my brain after 10 hours of World of Warcraft played while listening to Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia on audiobook, I woke up with some interesting ideas for new pieces of equipment in WoW.

  • The Melanin Amulet of the Warrior
  • +120% to Dodge when writing from a victim position

  • Karmalininator
  • Any evil said or done to or about a Puppy does not adversely affect your Karma and in fact may incrue some benefit

  • The Morphing Neckchain of the Speaker to Power
  • enables the wearer to transform into an angry, young, leftist lesbian

  • The Spiked Collar of the Adolescent Canine
  • +50 to Taunt, +40 to Fear, Instant Resurrection, no cooldown


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