Book Review: Ragnarok, Vol. #1 by Walter Simonson, a graphic novel

As a once avid comic book collector, I was eager to start reviewing the graphic novels offered at NetGalley.

This story begins unknown years after the fall of the Aesir and Vanir. The gods have fallen and all is despair and death. The Sun and Moon are gone. Creatures, men, demons and the dead co-exist not so peacefully.
The book is well drawn and colored. The shading and greys in the twilight forests of the Fetch counterpointed with the vibrancy of the flames of Surtr are a great visual representation of the different realms. The variety of tints used within the palette the artist limited himself to in each scene was astounding.
The fighting is done without any explicit gore, which I appreciate. I am not a fan of splatterfests. The action flows as a natural part of the story. The identity of the Stone God is fairly obvious, but clues still unfold and the reader is led to the conclusion.
All of the characters, from the introduction of Brynja, Regn and their daughter, Drifa to Ratatosk the squirrel, to the troll guarding the human village are believable and engaging, even or especially the villains.
The story was well-paced. There were no huge dumps of expository information. The dialogue is crisp, on point and succinct, hinting at things yet unrevealed. There were no real drags in the flow. I was not shaken out of the story at any point. The end of the book came at a satisfying point but definitely left me wanting to read more.

I was provided a free copy of this book through in exchange for this review.


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