New Experiences

Okay, so I messed up. I missed posting yesterday, so I will do two today. This is a new experience for me to sit down and actually share my thoughts on a daily basis.
My new PC arrived back from the repair facility late yesterday afternoon and the keyboard problem seems to have been taken care of. I just need to get used to the wider keyboard again compared to the MacBook that Brother #1 loaned me.
New experiences can drive an introvert with social anxiety disorder like me into an interior mini-screaming fit. I have a hoodie that says, “Introverts Unite! We’re here, we’re uncomfortable, we want to go home.” LOL
I am meeting a lot of new people online now that I am much more comfortable sharing my religious and political views with. The CLFA is full of religious as well as political conservative people who are also writers and fans of good writing. I get good hints as to how to hone writing skills and the ability to share my geekiness. We just started a spin-off group called CLFA Geeks and Nerds. It is an invitation-only secret group that one must be a member of the CLFA to join. The open discussion threads are great, without having LaLaLand’s politically correct social agenda being touted as the one true way.
I’m also starting a new meal plan service where I am actually buying fresh food and cooking and preparing for myself. It takes a while because I can only stand for 3-4 minutes at a time, then have to sit and let the muscles in my back relax. More on that in the next post.
Sister in Law #2.3 and Niece #2 will also be facing many new experiences as they try to fit in to American culture. I can hardly wait to meet them both fact to face. The struggle of learning new schools and making new friends, eating new foods, new TV shows, getting used to a whole new way of life.
New challenges face us every day. Things we must overcome. Barriers to learning, working. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Notice that it is the pursuit. Happiness is never actually achieved. It is a peak and so is unsustainable. Man is a creature who must face challenges or stagnate.
This post has kind of wandered all over the place but it is finished.


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