Tornadoes, Snow Flurries, and Two Book Reviews

So, in the middle of November, with typical Iowa whimsy, the weather presented us with six confirmed tornadoes, with eleven possibles yet to be evaluated, and then snow flurries. No accumulation, thankfully. Not even a dusting on the ground when I was chivvied out of bed by my feline overlords’ demand for breakfast.

Then, being “my town”, literally *seven hours* after all the storms had passed and the skies were clear, my power went out. I should have known better. I had just reset the clock on the VCR from the last time the power went out last summer. I was on the way to bed anyway but had planned on reading before going to sleep. I read a while by flashlight. T.H. White’s The Once and Future King, but decided to quit after about half an hour.
I woke up a couple of hours later and the power was on again. I reset the clocks, except for the one on the stove and the VCR (I learned my lesson) and, because I couldn’t fall asleep again, I decided to read for a while. This time, I got my Kindle. Good thing, too. After about an hour, the power went out again.I was on a roll, so I finished one short novella (novelette? I can never remember the difference) and started, then finished a new book. The reviews are below. I finished the book at about 7:00 am, but the cats decided they were starving at 9:15, so I was up and about without a lot of sleep.

Bolg, PI: The Vampire BrideBolg, PI: The Vampire Bride by Dave Freer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short and cute. The story as well as the main character. Bolg, the medium-boiled, sarcastic, Pictish detective goes to work for a vampire bride who was left at the altar. The adventure to track down her missing bridegroom leads through a cemetery, a strip club, and a basement.
The $2.99 price tag is a little steep for 50 pages. It is a good story and a good introduction to the character and the series.

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A Cat Among DragonsA Cat Among Dragons by Alma Boykin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A half-breed running for her life, Rada ni Drako, nee Rakoji da Kavalle (a vile insult in the language of her father’s people), sometime Trader, sometime mercenary, finds herself the Lord Defender of the planet Drakon IV.
Working against the reptilian race’s prejudice against females and mammals, she earns the respect of her troops and establishes a safe place for herself. However, I’m sure the adventure is only beginning. I look forward to the following books in this series.

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