New Experiences

Okay, so I messed up. I missed posting yesterday, so I will do two today. This is a new experience for me to sit down and actually share my thoughts on a daily basis.
My new PC arrived back from the repair facility late yesterday afternoon and the keyboard problem seems to have been taken care of. I just need to get used to the wider keyboard again compared to the MacBook that Brother #1 loaned me.
New experiences can drive an introvert with social anxiety disorder like me into an interior mini-screaming fit. I have a hoodie that says, “Introverts Unite! We’re here, we’re uncomfortable, we want to go home.” LOL
I am meeting a lot of new people online now that I am much more comfortable sharing my religious and political views with. The CLFA is full of religious as well as political conservative people who are also writers and fans of good writing. I get good hints as to how to hone writing skills and the ability to share my geekiness. We just started a spin-off group called CLFA Geeks and Nerds. It is an invitation-only secret group that one must be a member of the CLFA to join. The open discussion threads are great, without having LaLaLand’s politically correct social agenda being touted as the one true way.
I’m also starting a new meal plan service where I am actually buying fresh food and cooking and preparing for myself. It takes a while because I can only stand for 3-4 minutes at a time, then have to sit and let the muscles in my back relax. More on that in the next post.
Sister in Law #2.3 and Niece #2 will also be facing many new experiences as they try to fit in to American culture. I can hardly wait to meet them both fact to face. The struggle of learning new schools and making new friends, eating new foods, new TV shows, getting used to a whole new way of life.
New challenges face us every day. Things we must overcome. Barriers to learning, working. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Notice that it is the pursuit. Happiness is never actually achieved. It is a peak and so is unsustainable. Man is a creature who must face challenges or stagnate.
This post has kind of wandered all over the place but it is finished.

NaNoWriMo 2015

Welcome to National Novel Writing Month!

I don’t think I have the skill set to write a novel or any long piece yet, but I have made a commitment to write a blog post every day. I can’t guarantee the length and quality will be consistent, but I will make every effort. I have about 10 ideas lined up right now.

Sister in law #2.3 should be arriving from China today with Niece #2 in tow. Brother #2 likes to point out she is also Sister in law #2.4 since they divorced and remarried. I prefer to keep things simple with labeling. LOL. She and Niece #2 will be staying with my parents until the 15th of November because that it the earliest Brother #2 could move into the apartment he found. The international school he teaches for will provide free on-campus housing for the individual teachers, but not for their families, even though the houses they provide are more than spacious enough for a small family. Not the first time he has run up against different cultural priorities in dealing with a China-based school.

I got my regular aide back after a kerfuffle with the agency. They have, in their infinite wisdom, decided to implement a new plan and send aides out to clients in ‘regions’ instead of the clients they have been seeing regularly for months, and in some cases years. So, without warning, I received a phone call from a complete and utter stranger that she would be the one coming the next morning to do my personal care instead of the aide whom I had just gone rounds to keep when we adjusted my schedule from two visits per week (Sunday and Wednesday) to three (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday). I fought so that I could keep my aide during the week and the same aides on the weekend, just moved from Sunday to Saturday. Several unreturned calls from the scheduler and then a nice chat with the Director of Client Care, I have her back. It was particularly upsetting in that they had taken away the two clients J had in my town and assigned her two new clients in the *same town*. The new aide they assigned came to me from a subdivision 10 miles away and then went to her next client who is about 12 miles away in the opposite direction. I was her *only* client in my town. I live in an exploding bedroom community about 10 miles away from a major city that encompasses several suburbs. I passed the Director’s name and extension to J to pass on the other aides and clients who are just as upset. J had no idea such an office existed in the company, much less the woman’s name or number. She says the other aides are whispering to each other over this in a way that has never happened before in all the years she has worked there and many long term aides are planning to quit as soon as they have new jobs elsewhere.

Well, this has been a start. My new computer arrives back from the repair center tomorrow via FedEx. I am soo looking forward to that.